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Practice Management Software for Homoeopaths

HomoeoPULSE is complete practice management cum case taking software designed and developed for Homeopaths. It is intuitive, simple and organizes your clinics effectively. The software is technologically superior to make your practice and information modernize and systematic. This management tool is ideal for the Homeopath reducing the length of time you spend on related patient management and administration, thereby enabling you to research on the patients, diseases and you never need to enter the same information twice!

HomoeoPULSE is multi- dimensional software, in one dimension it’s an efficient and advanced case taking software and in the other dimension it effectively and precisely manages your practice and clinic(s). The software is adaptable for a single doctor clinic, multiple doctor clinic, clinic with supporting staff and for a doctor practicing in multiple clinics. It is a smart way of practicing eliminating all paper works.

The case sheets in the software are developed considering the individuality of homoeopaths in mind. You can enter all relevant information as much it required on concerned fields of the case sheet. To minimize the effort of typing many features have been incorporated like auto fill. Enter the collected information regarding the case, decide on the remedy, give the next appointment, then save and close the case sheet. Now the case sheet of the patient is available to you whenever it required. You can edit, do follow up or delete the case sheet. Information gathered at each visit will be saved separately and it can be displayed date wise.

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