About Us

HomeoPULSE is complete practice management cum case taking software designed and developed for Homeopaths. It is intuitive, simple and organizes your clinics effectively. The software is technologically superior to make your practice and information modernize and systematic. This management tool is ideal for the Homeopath reducing the length of time you spend on related patient management and administration, thereby enabling you to research on the patients, diseases and you never need to enter the same information twice!

HomeoPULSE is multi- dimensional software, in one dimension it's an efficient and advanced case taking software and in the other dimension it effectively and precisely manages your practice and clinic(s). The software is adaptable for a single doctor clinic, multiple doctor clinic, clinic with supporting staff and for a doctor practicing in multiple clinics. It is a smart way of practicing eliminating all paper works.

There are two case sheets in the software are developed considering the individuality of homoeopaths in mind. The case sheets are customizable too. You can enter all relevant information as much it required on concerned fields of the case sheet. To minimize the effort of typing many features have been incorporated like auto fill. Enter the collected information regarding the case, decide on the remedy, give the next appointment, then save and close the case sheet. Now the case sheet of the patient is available to you whenever it required. You can edit, do follow up or delete the case sheet. Information gathered at each visit will be saved separately and it can be displayed date wise. The case summary will be available in a single screen to make the Follow up of the case easier. Barcode readers can be used to filter a patient from the patient data.

The software is also being supported by Kent repertory. The specialty is that the repertory goes along with the case taking sheet. The user can refer repertory and add rubrics while taking the case. Interacting with repertory is possible at every stage of case taking. As the rubrics is being selected from the repertory along with case sheet, in the end of the case taking, a rubric chart from the repertory will be ready for your reference. This will avoid the effort of repertorisation after case taking. There is also an option to upload and save the repertory charts generated from other repertory software like Radar.

The user can refer past prescriptions of the case from the prescription window itself date wise. If your version of software is 'stock' module activated, then your prescription will automatically affect the stock of medicine in your clinic. The remedy relationship chart integrated with the prescription window helps to an easy reference to related remedies of follow up cases.

The software allows keeping videos or photographs related to the patients' disease along with the case sheet. So doctor can analyze the improvements stage by stage and even use the materials for a future research. All relevant parameters for analyzing the lab reports are included for the ease of user.

The 'Stock' module is designed and developed perfectly for managing the complete medicines stock. The complex and minute units and potencies of Homoeo medicines are integrated to the stock module effectively to keep the stock of medicine in the clinic accurately. It also gives low stock reminders even during the prescription, and can generate a purchase order that can be send directly to specified dealer.

The daily income and expenses of the clinic is being recorded in the 'accounts'. Then all reports concerned with the economic condition of the clinic are available easily. Back up of the data in the software will not be a headache to the users as it can be safely saved to internal or external devices specified by the users.

You can keep your reference books, presentations, seminars, images, videos etc safely and neatly in HomeoPULSE itself. So that such materials will be close to you anywhere and anytime for your reference or research. Additional tools like BMI calculator, Pregnancy Calculator, Daily Calorie needs and many more are also included for the ease of your practice.

The utility area of software includes different certificates a doctor needs to issue at various occasions like Medical Certificate, Fitness Certificate, and Medicine Certificate etc. The user needs to enter only the essential data, the certificate can be printed in prescribed format.

The integration of SMS and Email helps the doctor to keep in touch with the patient. And patient will be benefitted since he is getting alerts and information in his mobile phone.

The software is available in various models based on the entity. The features and structure of software is different based on the needs. That is why we are having HomeoPULSE models for Private Practitioners and Clinics, Government Dispensaries, Hospitals and Medical Colleges. The users can select the suitable model based on their requirement. The software can be installed in local system or on a live online server. The online model of the software can be integrated with personal software and can access from anywhere in the world. Also it will be a good tool to those who are doing online consultation.