Dr.Rahees K

MINHANS Homeopathy, Koyilandy

Ph: 9446 305562
Email: drraheesk@gmail.com
Web: drraheesonline.com

"MINHANS HOMOEOPATHY is using HomeoPULSE for the last 3 years in our clinics at various locations. We are fully satisfied with its functionality and user friendliness. It helps us to be up to date on our patients data, accounts, stock etc. We wish more success to team HomeoPULSE."

Dr.KL Babu. Superintendant

Government Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital, Calicut

Ph: 9388370428
Email: superintendantghmch@gmail.com
Web: www.ghmck.org

"I hereby certify that HomoeoPULSE, the Homoeopathic Hospital Management System developed and marketed by AdDress ODS, Calicut is being used by Government Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital, Calicut since last 3 years from 2014 March. We find this software very effective, user friendly and efficient. The service and support providing by the company is outstanding.

I would like to appreciate the efforts they are taking to run the project smoothly and wishing them all success in future."


MEDICLEAR Homoeopathy Speciality Clinic, Tirur & Palakkad

Ph: 9633395573
Email: dr.shamsad@gmail.com

"HomeoPULSE starts its job right from the ptient's arrival at the clinic, from registration to SMS notification which ensures timely follow-up visits. It manages the clinical data records so efficiently that, you are covered from all sides. It makes the record-keeping and other clerical aspects in your medical practice hassle-free. Been using it for 2 years and will stick to it."